From Iceland — Reader's Letter: Popcorn Lungs

Reader’s Letter: Popcorn Lungs

Published March 5, 2018

Reader’s Letter: Popcorn Lungs
Photo by
Lindsay Fox/Wikimedia Commons

Hey Grapevine Editorial Team!

My name is Phyllis and I am an independent writer. Currently, I specialise in drug rehab, addiction treatment and health issues. I could provide an informative qualitative article “Does Vaping Cause Popcorn Lung.” I think such a topic might be helpful for your audience.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Hi Phyllis,

Thanks for getting in touch, and for your generous concern about our vape-huffing readership. “Popcorn lung” sure doesn’t sound like a lot of fun (although we googled it and it turned out not to be as visually terrifying as the name suggests).

You’re right that vaping issues are super relevant in Iceland, and especially in Reykjavík, where you can unexpectedly find yourself in an overpoweringly sweet watermelon-and-Nicaraguan-coffee vape cloud at any time. So, yeah, what can you do. It’s just that those vapers gonna vape, man, and there’s no way to stop them. Probably.

Yours fruitily,

The Grapevine


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