From Iceland — Readers Write: Sad Democrats Don't Want To Talk About Trump

Readers Write: Sad Democrats Don’t Want To Talk About Trump

Published May 15, 2017

Readers Write: Sad Democrats Don’t Want To Talk About Trump

Dear Grapevine
First, my wife and I love Iceland! We are having a really good time here, and everyone has been super friendly. Just one thing bothers us: each and every time we tell someone where we’re from, they always ask something about Trump. We are tired of this. My wife and I are both solid Democrats from a blue state, and actually voted for Bernie in the primaries. We don’t support Trump in any way, why are we forever being asked to answer for him? It’s not fair!
Sad Dems

Dear Dems,
Get used to it. I mean, good for you that you didn’t vote for him, but literally millions of Americans did. As an American traveling abroad, like it or not you are an ambassador of your country. Non-Americans you meet, especially if they’ve seldom gotten a chance to talk to an American before, will invariably grill you with questions about what is most prominently on the news about America at any given moment. Right now, for better or worse, Trump is dominating the headlines in America, and about it. So get used to prefacing your response to questions about him by going out of your way to explain that you don’t support the sitting president. You got to admit: Trump isn’t just America’s problem, after all.
The Reykjavík Grapevine

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