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Grapevine Playlist: JFDR, una schram, Matthildur & More

Grapevine Playlist: JFDR, una schram, Matthildur & More

Published October 28, 2019

What’s going on in Icelandic music today? Lots. Folk, rap, trap, oddly appealing cheese musicals… you name it, and you’ll find it in Iceland.

Hera – How Does A Lie Taste?

In her new song, Hera asks the important questions. Just how does a lie taste? Well, apparently sugary as hell, if this slick folk-pop ditty is to be believed. If you’re a traditional pop fan, Hera will hit all your buttons. She knows the genre and does it well. VG

una schram – get away

una schram—no capitals please—is a newbie in the Icelandic R&B scene, who will play her premiere Iceland Airwaves set in November. Her newest single—the first of two she’ll release before her Airwaves debut— blends charming R&B beats with bad bitch attitude. It’s surprisingly refreshing, especially in a tough genre where the music can often tend towards bland. VG

JFDR – Taking A Part Of Me

JFDR is back with the first single off her upcoming 2020 album.“Taking A Part Of Me” bears the strong signature of JFDR, but it’s admittedly a little forgettable, unlike her previous efforts. That said, it’s a solid track nonetheless and a good reminder of how strong JFDR is, even when not at her best. VG

einarIndra ft. Sillus – Dóttir

einarIndra struck like a lightning bolt into the Icelandic music scene a couple of years ago, quickly proving that he was one of the country’s most interesting, soulful electronic musicians. “Dóttir,” meaning daughter, is a somber trip-hop-ish ride with deep bass and a fantastic vocal addition by Sillus. Don’t miss this at Airwaves. We certainly won’t. VG

Matthildur – My Own

Matthildur’s vocals are strong, so much so that her smooth R&B might sound even better live than it does with the light vocal effects on her album. She’s got a Fiona Apple-turned-trap-and-not-angry vibe about her, but perhaps a little less controversial. Basically, if you like singer-songwriters that you can also vibe and vape to, check her out. HJC

Shakespeare verður ástfanginn – Hvað er ástin?

‘Shakespeare verður ástfanginn’ is a current musical at Þljóðleikhúsið based on the Oscar-winning ‘Shakespeare In Love.’ If you’re a fan of slightly-cheesy emotional ballads with a touch of soaring vocals—like the music you listen to in the bath when you’re 100% sure your roommate isn’t home—put this on your playlist. You’ll keep it spinning, but probably with your earphones on. HJC

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