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Preview: Different Strokes For Different Folks At Reykjavík Folk Festival

Preview: Different Strokes For Different Folks At Reykjavík Folk Festival

Published February 28, 2017

Joanna Smith

If you’ve recovered from Sónar and you’re aching for another three days of musical excellence—or if Sónar wasn’t really your thing and you prefer your music like your skyr (chilled)—then head down to KEX Hostel this weekend for the Reykjavík Folk Festival.

Iceland has a rich history of folk music. Originating from informal gatherings of ordinary people who would share poetry, singing, and the playing of acoustic instruments, music was passed from friend to friend and down through generations of family members, ultimately enshrining itself in Icelandic musical consciousness.

The Reykjavík Folk Festival hopes to mimic this collaboration of music and community, creating a cosy atmosphere whilst presenting one of the most diverse lineups in the festival’s history. At the tender age of fifteen, gal-pal duo RuGI are the festivals youngest act, although you wouldn’t know it from their polished and ethereal sound. Sixty years their senior is music veteran Helena Eyjólfsdóttir who, after 40 years in retirement, is emerging once more onto the folk music scene with her album ‘Helena’. This age gap is not only reminiscent of small communities gathering to share their music, but it also reminds us that music is for everyone.

You’ll also hear music varying from the ancient sounds of Umbra Ensemble, to the art collective and choir KÓRUS, and from Tómas R. Einarsson and his latin jazz vibe, to the quirky pop sound of Memfismafían.

So, whatever your preference, cosy on up to KEX and get ready to experience Iceland’s musical heritage.

The festival will be held in The Gym and Tonic room at KEX Hostel from 2-4. March 2017. Concerts start at 20:00 each night and end at 23:00. Buy tickets here, and find out more at Tickets will also be sold on the door.

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Track By Track: AdHd – AdHd7

Track By Track: AdHd – AdHd7


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