#GVPics Contest: Iceland’s First Days Of Summer

#GVPics Contest: Iceland’s First Days Of Summer

Looking out the window and seeing folks enjoying the sun in April is a rare sight. The sun that is, not the happy folks. It is approximately 11°C outside right now meaning no oversized furry coats anymore, just your most fashionable shades. We’re happy to see our readers enjoying themselves in the sunny photographs from this week’s competition.

On days like these one can’t help but snap a few pics. Just remember to keep tagging your photographs with the hashtag #GVpics for a chance at becoming the winner of next week’s competition!

The runners-up:

The snowy Icelandic desert looking sunnier than usual.

This looks like outer space dreamland to me. Well, actually just Iceland in a nutshell 🙂 #iceland

A photo posted by GUNNAR FREYR (@icelandic_explorer) on

A beautiful tribute to earth day. True words spoken.

I might have jumped the gun. It might still be winter somewhere in Iceland.

Icelandic weather #gvpics #iceland

A photo posted by Times New Romanovskis (@andrisromanovskis) on

This guy took earth day very seriously.

This church is in serious need of a make-over, some church counturing.

Look how happy they are to get to finally play in the sun!

A beautiful cut in half photograph to welcome the first day of summer!

When the nature pool is a lot colder than you expected.

The best thing about Iceland so far. Having a bath in the middle of nature makes me cry! #iceland #gvpics

A photo posted by Rinat Grigori (@rinat.grigori) on

Summer might be here, but at least don’t throw your rain coat away just yet.


Congratulations Mark Martucci! Your colourful photograph is a beautiful tribute to both earth day and the first day of Icelandic summer. You have a goodie bag and T-shirt waiting for you here at the Grapevine office.

Thanks to everybody for participating in this week’s contest and make sure to tag your photographs for next week’s competition!
#GVPics #GVPics #GVPics #GVPics #GVPics

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