From Iceland — Ghost Driven Off Farmstead By Professional Exorcist

Ghost Driven Off Farmstead By Professional Exorcist

Published June 30, 2020

Sam O'Donnell
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On an old farm near Hvolsvöllur, an alleged ghost was driven off by an exorcist. Power company Landsvirkjun hired Reverend Kristinn Ágúst Friðfinnsson to perform the ceremony.

It is unusual for a high-tech company such as Landsvirkjun to hire an exorcist to perform such a ceremony. However, the owner of the farm where the exorcism was performed, Daníel Magnússon, insists that the exorcism was necessary. Ólöf Rós Káradóttir, project manager at Landsvirkjun said, “We thought it was self-evident and natural to go with the wishes and recommendations of Daníel about getting an exorcist before the building was demolished. He knows the area best of all.” She added that the farm is close to a notorious elf hill, and the company has designed the layout of their structures around this hill in an effort to not take any chances in disturbing the elves that may live there.

Daníel spoke to RÚV, recalling his experience. “It was probably around 2002 that I noticed my cows were perturbed. I had a dog then, who would fetch them while I was tending to the cowshed.” He called the dog, but to his great discomfort, the dog did not come when he called.

A great fog rose up from the ground, and the dog disappeared into it. This upset the cattle. “They ran out of the cowshed bellowing and wailing,” Daníel said. “I didn’t feel well, but when I calmed them down, I went into the cowshed and it was like I had been splashed in the face with icy water. I hesitated, but kept going, and it was such a strong feeling, like I had been plunged into water several meters deep. I finally left when I couldn’t breathe anymore.”

He regained his breath shortly thereafter, but then something else happened. He felt a hand on his shoulder and heard a voice tell him to be calm. He later spoke to a seer who said that a spirit was jealous of Daníel’s farm because he had been so successful with his cows.

Neither the ghosts nor the cows could be reached for comment.

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