From Iceland — Giant Seaworm Discovered In Icelandic Gaming Company Offices

Giant Seaworm Discovered In Icelandic Gaming Company Offices

Published March 9, 2020

Poppy Askham
Photo by
Alexander Semenov/Wikimedia Commons

Last week Icelandic gaming company CCP workers were greeted with many people’s worst nightmare: the discovery of a metre-long worm-like creature in their office’s fish tank.

The animal was found by cleaners preparing for the offices’ relocation from Reykjavík’s Grandi neighbourhood to Groska in Vatnsmýri in April. According to reports made by CCP producer Dan Crone on Twitter, the creature had probably been living undetected in the tank for eight years given that was the most recent introduction of fish into the aquarium.

The worm’s species is yet to be officially identified, but suggestions have been made online that it may be a bobbit worm, a type of bristle worm predominantly found in the Atlantic Ocean.  These seaworms are carnivorous, catching their prey by stunning them with a toxic injection from their mandibles, which would explain suggestions made by Dan Crone in an interview with Morgunblaðið that fish had been disappearing from the tank for some years.

Questions remain about the future for this unusual guest, but contrary to claims made on twitter the creature has not been let loose in the CCP offices.

You can join the ongoing contest to name the creature by replying to the tweet linked above.

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