From Iceland — Mayor Found A Mortar Shell In The Basement

Mayor Found A Mortar Shell In The Basement

Published January 31, 2020

Valur Grettisson

The mayor of the small town of Westman Island was quite surprised at the beginning of the week when he found a mortar shell in the basement of a local museum. In an interview with he said that they found the mortar shell and decided to take a picture of it and send it to the coast guard to ensure that it was safe.

The coast guard decided to check it out, and they weren’t sure if it was active or not. Therefore the decision was made to remove it and dispose of it just to be safe.

“Well, they are going to investigate it further,” the mayor, Hörður Baldvinsson, told He said that they weren’t really sure if the mortar was still active, but they think it’s from the second world war, and probably belonged to the British soldiers that occupied Iceland in the war.

“There was no information to be found about the bomb in the museum records,” Hörður told and he has asked for help from any reader that could know how this mortar ended up in the basement.

Hörður also said that what’s more, is that the town council have their meetings there, so the bomb was literally under the ass of the mayor like he said himself.

“We are very glad that they removed the mortar shell because we are scared shitless,” he added.

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