From Iceland — Plastic Residue In Chocolate Bars Results In Large Recall

Plastic Residue In Chocolate Bars Results In Large Recall

Published January 20, 2020

Inês Pereira
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Nói Síríus

Around 150,000 Nói Síríus chocolate bars had to be taken off the shelves due to the discovery of blue and pink plastic residue in some of their products, reports Vísir.  While Nói Síríus have put out a statement saying that the substances found in the chocolate are not harmful to people’s health, the brand has still decided to recall a few of their offerings for precaution.

The contamination originated from a malfunction in one of their machines—a problem that the company claims has now been fixed. Furthermore, the company assures that they have since changed their methods entirely so this type of incident will not happen again in the future.

The plastic residue was so far found in five bars of the Nói Síríus brand. The news came out at the beginning of January, and the company subsequently asked customers to return their products to stores and offices in order to be refunded. Nói Síríus also recalled the candy from stores in Denmark.

The invoked products are the following:

Sirius Cream Chocolate 3x100g.
Barcode: 5690576570585.
Best For; 03.06.2021 and 04.06.2021.

Sirius Cream Chocolate 150g.
Barcode: 5690576570608.
Best For: 17.06.2021.

Sirius Southern Chocolate 300g.
Barcode: 5690576560302.
Best For; 09.06.2021, 10.06.2021,
11.06.2021, 12.06.2021.

So if you’ve got some of these bars rattling around in your pantry, best be careful and turn them back in.

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