From Iceland — No (Of)fence Bra

No (Of)fence Bra

Published November 5, 2019

Lea Müller
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Some things simply cannot be explained by science, like what would happen if a person fell into a black hole or why it takes more genes to make a tomato than a human. The bra fence in Southern Iceland along the main road between Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss is perhaps one of these great mysteries of the world.

Legend has it

It remains unclear how the bra fence came into being, but anyone passing the farm Brekkukot in South Iceland can marvel at more than several hundred pieces of lingerie dangling next to the road. Legend has it that a local started the ‘project’ when they stole some bras while partying and then secured them to the fence. The only thing that’s known for sure is that the bra collection has been growing for about seven years at this point.

What sparks joy…

Lilja Georgsdóttir, co-owner of the farm, confirmed the fence’s popularity in an interview with Vísir. While the added bras spark some joy and drive tourists to the area, the owners are less pleased with the occasional underwear being placed there and in some places, the bra fence can barely carry the weight of the clothing items.

A peculiar phenomenon

The Broken Windows theory, although commonly used to explain how signs of crime induce further crime in a neighbourhood, might help to explain the phenomenon. The bras are solicited and thus it’s of course not considered vandalism to put them up on the fence. Yet it’s fascinating how people feel inclined to do something they normally wouldn’t do—stripping down and attaching their bra to someone’s fence—just because hundreds of other people do it.

A purpose at last!

However, the owners of the farm seek to give some belated purpose to the bra fence. A collection box where people can leave donations for breast cancer research will be set up in the future. If you want to go on a fun road trip involving nudity and a good cause, this might just be the place. Just don’t use the artwork in progress as a dumping ground for your discarded items after KonMarieing your closet.

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