From Iceland — Airwaves Debutantes: What’s New And Who’s Who At Airwaves 2019 #2

Airwaves Debutantes: What’s New And Who’s Who At Airwaves 2019 #2

Published October 11, 2019

Airwaves is coming! As per tradition, the Grapevine is here to show you the freshest faces at this year’s iteration. From folk to heavy metal to lo-fi indie pop, here’s part two of our Airwaves debutantes extravaganza. Check out part one here.

Elín Sif
Elín is perhaps best known for her brilliant performance in the Icelandic movie ‘Lof mér að falla’ (‘Let Me Fall’), in which she played the drug addict Magnea. Besides being a promising actress though, she is also a very talented singer and songwriter. After being the youngest participant in Söngvakeppnin, she produced several singles with the band Náttsól and is about to release her own debut album this fall. Her songs are the kind of feel-good indie-pop that instantly lifts your spirit, like her most popular song “Make You Feel Better” suggests. She usually keeps things simple—her soft but memorable voice accompanied by guitar, without many frills. Get ready to daydream. LM

This music of Hrím is deeply atmospheric, with soaring vocals and edgy builds that are darkly satisfying. The group is a collaboration between singer Ösp Eldjárn. Anil Sebastian and Cherif Hashizume. Musically, they bring together a variety of different styles, creating a unique sound that matches traditional Icelandic poetry with electronic soundscapes and orchestral swoops. Marrying traditional folk singing with electronic beats and synthy goodness is a tried and tested recipe. They’re definitely not to be missed at Airwaves this year. JG

This is a newcomer to keep in mind. The indie band Konfekt only formed in 2018 and consists of three gifted young women from Seltjarnarnes, whose voices complement each other perfectly. The lead singer, Anna Ingibjörg Þorgeirsdóttir, also plays the piano and is accompanied by Stefanía Helga Sigurðardóttir on the guitar. The drums, played by Eva Kolbrún Kolbeins, are especially prominent throughout their songs. They all seem refreshingly down-to-earth and have shot a hilarious cover in their rain gear that looks like they’re on a school trip, ignoring all pretentious glamour standards of the music industry. LM

Krabba Mane
Don’t be fooled by the adorable baby staring back at you from Krabba Mane’s album cover. If you find yourself in a passive-aggressive mood most of your waking hours, Krabba Mane’s rap will certainly resonate with you. The artist likes to perform shirtless and present his tattoos, so if you dig bare skin and the idea of Icelandic-Underground-Rap, don’t miss out on his performance. LM

One half of art-pop duo Munster, Kristinn Arnar Sigurðsson’s solo project Krassasig creates bright, breezy, and amiable pop tunes. With a clattering rhythm, bassy pulses, chill guitar strums, and catchy vocals, it’s the kind of music that’ll bring you back to the sunshine of summer. Check out his debut hit “Brjóta Heilann” for reference. He doesn’t have anything else currently released, but we’re waiting with baited breath. JR/HJC

Ragnar Zolberg
Ragnar’s recent musical output caters first and foremost to the dark souls among us. Don’t be too quick to judge though, his work is anything but one-dimensional. Yes, many of his songs do involve heavy screaming, but you shouldn’t dismiss him just for that. His 22 (!!!) minute long English/Icelandic song “Celestía” starts on a soft note, including a piano, a guitar solo and his 5-year old daughter singing along in the melancholic chorus. And then there are his acoustic versions, which are surprisingly heartfelt and touching. Give this man a chance. His show will surely be a bag full of surprises. LM

Iceland Airwaves will take place from November 6th to November 9th in Reykjavík. Tickets are 19,900 ISK and can be bought here.

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