From Iceland — Yet Another Group Of Tourists Learn The Hard Way What Reynisfjara Is About

Yet Another Group Of Tourists Learn The Hard Way What Reynisfjara Is About

Published September 16, 2019

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Screenshot/Pascale Elísabet Skúladóttir

It has come to light that it is once again necessary to tell people not to get too close to the water at Reynisfjara.

As can be seen in this video, as two tourists attempt to get a shot of the breaking waves, the wave in question comes in a lot closer than they expected. Knocked over by the surf, they are able to get to their feet without being pulled in by the notorious undertow at Reynisfjara.

Nothing can seem to keep people away from the area. Not even police warnings that closed the beach entirely during a falling rock scare just last month, which injured three.

Although there are warning signs set up at the beach, in multiple languages, warning people that Reynisfjara is rife with sneaker waves and a fierce undertow, people continue to tempt fate at the location. Reynisfjara is certainly beautiful, but remember: it’s a lot more beautiful when you survive the experience unscathed, and that means giving the surf a wider berth than you may think necessary. Stay closer to where the sand and earth meet, far from the water, and the experience will be a fun one—provided the area is not closed off by the police.

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