Well, You Asked... The Iceland Advice Column: UFO Yurt Edition

Well, You Asked… The Iceland Advice Column: UFO Yurt Edition

Published July 30, 2019

Felix Robertson
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Art Bicnick

We get a lot of questions from our dear readers, often delivered in the form of polite emails, but even more often, aggravated tweets or Facebook comments tirades. However, we’re always here to help, ever bright-eyed and snarky, with plenty of Iceland advice on deck and ready to go. Here are a few of your questions answered.

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Say I want to write for you guys. How would I go about it?
So you want to write for the Grapevine, eh? It’s a goal many have sought. But be warned, all who wish to write for us must complete a great quest to prove their valour and moral fortitude. Deep in the labyrinthine ways of The Office is that dark place we call Stöckroøm. To prove yourself, you must enter Stöckroøm, and retrieve the hallowed 2008 Bar Guide Edition, blessed by Þór himself and said to bestow magical powers upon the bearer. But be warned, dark and terrible things lurk amongst the back issues. Many have entered. Few have returned. Good luck and Godspeed.

I’m getting married soon, would you recommend Iceland for a honeymoon? And if so, do you have any insider knowledge about things to do?
Hmm. Well, I’ve gotta be honest, Iceland isn’t really a strong point for us. I mean, there’s probably a fascinating, meticulously designed publication documenting all aspects of Icelandic culture, travel and insider knowledge, which you could easily look up to answer all your questions… but we haven’t heard of it.

Where is the best place in Iceland to see a UFO?
Well, there’s a yurt at Árneshreppur that looks like it might have come from somewhere interesting. We can’t guarantee that it actually flies, but maybe nobody’s found the correct button yet. Alternatively, Snæfellsjökull is said to be a pretty good spotting ground, with multiple reports of extraterrestrial tête-à-têtes. There’s no US military installation (yet) to spice it up, but work on your Naruto run and them aliens can’t stay hidden forever.

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