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TV Goddess: Easy S01 Review

Published June 25, 2019

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I like the rain and I enjoy getting sick. I’m happy whenever I get a legitimate reason to watch TV without feeling I should be doing something important with my time. When I managed to weasel my way into writing a TV column I felt as victorious as Angela when she and Jordan Catalano started dating or when Rachel finally got the job at Ralph Lauren.

One of the many series I’m watching at the moment is -Easy’ S01 on Netflix. The show is on its third and final season, but I just got the memo and have only watched the first season. They are written, directed, edited and produced by Joe Swanberg. I imagine him looking like Ed Wood with a complete one-man band contraption.

Each episode only lasts thirty minutes, so it’s a cheap investment of your time. Some of the episodes have poor production value, but since the narrative is good it doesn’t really matter. It’s just like hearing an interesting story from someone with a slightly bad breath. The story is still good and you can, for the most part, ignore the smell.

“It’s just like hearing an interesting story from someone with a slightly bad breath.”

All the characters are modern adults living in Chicago with their lives connected in various ways. We travel with them through their love stories and business adventures. Some interesting situations are dealt with, like the guilt carnivores feel around vegans and the most honest break up conversation I’ve ever witnessed. There is also lot of sex.

The actors are, overall, doing a good job—but the greatest actor in the world could never fix my micro brewery culture intolerance or open marriage allergy. I don’t mind the beer and I think people should do what they want to but still… it’s just beer, and if you need so many lovers why on earth did you get married in the first place? I’m sorry for being judgmental—and I probably have to see a therapist about this—but I’m still looking forward to when monogamous teetotalers become fashionable.

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