From Iceland — Let's TACO About This New Food Truck!

Let’s TACO About This New Food Truck!

Published June 20, 2019

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John Rogers

A brand new food truck called Tacoson has opened in Reykjavík. The eatery, which was started by three friends, will be serving simple tacos. All come with different experiences in the culinary field, but agreed that Iceland was lacking an actual taco truck, so it’s a dream come true for not only them, but all of us.

Baldvin Oddsson, one of the owners and a former Broadway musician, has lived abroad for the past 8 years—the majority of it in New York City—fell in love with the vivid range of food trucks in New York and wished to bring that feeling back home to Iceland.

“People have made attempts to do this with mixed results. But [Baldvin] wanted to bring his own ideas to the food truck market here and contacted me if I was interested.” Adam Karl Helgason, another one of the owners, told Vísir.

Adam, who has 7 years of experience in the culinary world, didn’t hesitate to jump on the offer. They then called their friend Ólafur Ágúst Petersen, a trained chef with a long resume of working at restaurants such as Grillið, Burro and Kol, to join, and the rest is history.

“I’m a huge fan of tacos, I try to surround myself with tacos rather than negativity. That’s my motto,” Adam preached to Útvarp 101.

Adam thought it was important that the food be inexpensive. “Our goal is to go the ‘IKEA-method’. We want it keep it low-priced and good. You come here downtown and maybe spend on average 2,500 ISK in food. We want to make sure that we’re affordable and good,” he explained, later adding, “We are mostly located at Mæðragarðurinn, which is right between Reykjavík’s Junior College and the women’s gymnasium. We want to be able to offer an affordable price in favour of the students who might come during lunch.”

Although they’re keeping the menu simple and affordable, they still aim to cater to most diets, i.e. both carnivores and vegans. “We have chicken tacos, chili con carne, beef and pork. We also have vegan options, with kidney beans and chickpeas. We are starting with this, but we do want to add more for the vegetarians, so they can have more than just one type.” Adam says.

We can’t wait to try out their delicious tacos, so stay tuned for a more in-depth article on Tacoson in the future.

You’ll be able to find the taco truck at Mæðradagurinn workdays from 12:00 to 21:00, but you can also find it at the Secret Solstice Festival this weekend.

For more, follow Tacoson on Instagram or like their page on Facebook.

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