Island Life: The Tropical North, Arctic Tern Invasion, Returning Street Cash

Island Life: The Tropical North, Arctic Tern Invasion, Returning Street Cash

Published May 13, 2019

From arctic terns to heartening old ladies, here’s a selection of news from the den of intrigue that is the Icelandic countryside.

Northeast Iceland will literally never stop bragging about their warm spring weather. Here we are in an almost-bearable Reykjavík May, and they’re reporting one of the warmest Aprils on record. It averaged around 5.5°C in Egilsstaðir, with a high of 18.1°C. And you know what? We get it, Northeasterners, you have the best weather and are the coolest kids in school. Stop rubbing it in our freezing, rain-drenched faces.

It’s hard to tell whether one of the latest headlines out of the Westfjords—“The Arctic tern is back”—is a celebration or a warning. But these birds are back indeed, having been spotted beginning their nesting in Arnarfjörður earlier this month. No bird inspires as much awe and sheer terror as the tern, but remember: if you travelled from Antarctica to Ísafjörður by arm power alone, you’d probably be pretty cranky, too.

South Iceland for once has a news story that doesn’t involve speeding or off-road driving, as it is reported that an elderly woman who found cash laying on the ground subsequently handed it over to the police, with the hopes that it be returned to its rightful owner. There may be hope for humanity after all.

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