From Iceland — Icelandic Police Chase And Apprehend Wallet-Stealing Seagull

Icelandic Police Chase And Apprehend Wallet-Stealing Seagull

Published May 6, 2019

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Arnold Paul/Wikimedia Commons

Just in case you needed more proof that seagulls are the absolute worst, the latest from southwest Iceland’s police confirms they are also prone to theft of things that they cannot even use themselves.

In a post made on Facebook, the police of Suðurnes, in southwest Iceland, recount the pursuit and capture of a thief they witnessed on the run last night. And by that we mean they saw a seagull with someone’s wallet in its beak.

“Officers on patrol last night noticed a seagull that flew in front of their vehicle,” the police report. “The officers initially thought the seagull had an animal in its beak, but on closer inspection it was determined to be a wallet. Police initiated pursuit of the seagull, and apprehended it when it landed to inspect its loot.”

Police say there was ID in the wallet, making it possible to contact its rightful owner. The owner was reportedly delighted to get his wallet back.

As the Grapevine has reported, seagulls are jerks, but normally confine their thieving ways to other birds. This incident may indicate that seagulls are expanding their criminal enterprises. We will keep you posted.

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