From Iceland — Hatari Claim To Have Hired Christian Conservative Who Denounced Them

Hatari Claim To Have Hired Christian Conservative Who Denounced Them

Published February 13, 2019

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Timothée Lambrecq

Shortly after news broke that Christian conservative and social media paladin Margrét Friðriksdóttir condemned acclaimed anarcho-synthpunk anti-capitalist BDSM darkwave cyborgs Hatari and their Eurovision contender song, “Hatrið mun sigra” (“Hate will prevail”), the band issued a statement contending that weeks earlier, Margét had signed a publicist contract with Hatari’s official international distributor, Svikamylla ehf.

The news was brought to light by the respected music news journal of note Iceland Music News, who say that Margrét agreed to be the band’s publicist and signed a contract to that effect “some weeks ago”. The article also notes that Hatari’s “shockingly unexpected PR campaign seems to be working”, as it has prompted more than one social conservative to wring their hands worryingly about the very fabric of Western civilisation being torn asunder by Hatari, their Eurovision song, or both.

Margrét has been diligent in her statements about Hatari, and has spared no hyperbole in talking about them. As she told DV recently, Hatrið mun sigra “is a terrible song and will have unavoidable consequences for Iceland if it’s voted forward.” She doubled down on this glowing assessment by threatening to move out of the country altogether, speculating that maybe the best thing would be for her to “let Iceland sink … into the darkness”, thereby revealing that she alone has been keeping the country on the straight and narrow this entire time.

It has not been disclosed what next steps Margrét will take in advancing Hatari’s visibility, but if this undoubtedly 100% true and not at all satirical statement from the band is to be believed—and it totally should—a good time will be had by all in the days to come.

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