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VIDEO: Batons And Pepper Spray Used Against Naked Man In Kópavogur

Published October 29, 2018

Andie Fontaine
Photos by
Art Bicnick

A naked man who broke into a house late last night was met by two police officers who sought to arrest him. While the police have contended the naked man attacked them, a video of the arrest tells more of the story.

Vísir reported first on the incident, in which the man in question is clearly in another state of mind; whether from intoxication or mental illness is not immediately apparent. What is apparent, from the video that Vísir obtained, is that the man walked towards one officer, who sprayed him in the face with pepper spray, to little effect. The man soon stops walking, raises his hands in the air, while another approaches and begins to hit him with a baton.

While the man does not follow the officer’s command to lay down, he remains standing as the two officers both hit him with batons, eventually bringing him down, but the beatings continue.

(Video: Vísir)

The man was eventually arrested, and charged with destruction of property, threats, violence against a public official and more. He was taken into police custody. His identity and the reasons for his condition remain unknown.

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