From Iceland — Former Icelandic First Lady Steals Dog

Former Icelandic First Lady Steals Dog

Published July 20, 2018

Noemi Ehrat
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Former Icelandic First Lady Dorrit Moussaieff recently stole a dog, RÚV reports.

Dorrit and her husband, former Icelandic president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, celebrated the 100-year anniversary of Iceland’s independence at Þingvellir with a group of guests, including bishop Agnes Sigurðardóttir and supreme court president Markús Sigurbjörnsson.

The snatch

As the group were on their way down the main stairs to Þingvellir, Dorrit spotted an Icelandic sheepdog among the people who had gathered to watch the procession, and decided to snatch the dog. The assembled dignitaries had to pause whilst Dorrit detoured towards the hound. When she returned with her prize, they continued their stroll down Lögberg together.

A security guard later returned the dog to its owner.

Canine accessory

The dog’s full name is Laufeyar Askja, but she is nicknamed “Mæra,” and it seems that she caught Dorrit‘s attention as her beige-white fur perfectly matches the coat Dorrit was wearing that day, making a perfect canine accessory.

Coincidentally, the dog-napping occurred on the national day of the Icelandic sheepdog. The dog’s thoughts on its sudden fame are not known, but it appeared to be quite happy when walking with Dorrit, wagging its tail and sniffing the grass, perhaps dreaming of a life of luxury before unceremoniously bumping back down to earth. Them, as they say, are the breaks.

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