From Iceland — Well, You Asked... A World Cup Advice Special

Well, You Asked… A World Cup Advice Special

Published June 19, 2018

Valur Grettisson

With the world’s attention focussed on Iceland like a more friendly version of the Eye of Sauron, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions from newly Iceland-curious football supporters. Here’s some Icelandic advice in the latest edition of Well, You Asked.

Q: What alcoholic beverage should I be partaking in at Ingólfstorg whilst watching the game? (From @theboyblair)
A: Well, my first choice is always Landi, the traditional Icelandic moonshine. At least that’s what I reach for when I watch the agonisingly boring sport of football. There are not many drinks that can just rob you of your mental health in an extraordinary short amount of time, but Landi really does the trick.

Q: How is it that so many Icelandic people signed a petition to boycott the Eurovision in Israel and no one signed a petition to boycott the world cup in Russia after its occupation of Crimea, involvement in bombing Syria and great human rights agenda? Hypocrisy or sheer stupidity? (From @RodNimrod)
A: Our government is boycotting the biggest sports event in Icelandic history because for these very reasons, so there is no need for a petition. Still feel smart on your high horse, Mr. Nimrod!?

Q: I’m going to Reykjavík to watch an Iceland match with the Icelandic people. I have a problem though. My husband insists he’ll wear his England shirt on the day of the match. What should I do? I’m thinking of pretending I don’t know him. (From @AdoptaIslanda)
A: Just divorce him now. You’ll thank me later.

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