Mother Of Icelandic Man Killed In Syria Writes A Poem To Erdogan

Mother Of Icelandic Man Killed In Syria Writes A Poem To ‘Old Lizard’ Erdogan

Published April 16, 2018

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Courtesy of Haukur's Family
International Freedom Battallion

When young human rights activist Haukur Hilmarsson was reportedly killed in combat in Syria at the beginning of March, his body was never found. Conflicting reports and a lack of clarity have frustrated his family efforts to locate his remains. In particular, Haukur’s mother Eva Hauksdóttir criticised Icelandic authorities for putting no effort in helping them find his body. Questions sent by Icelandic authorities to the Turkish embassy in Norway did not even include photos or a description of Haukur that could help identify him.

For months, Eva has been actively fighting to find her son in order to bring his remains home. Now, she demands that Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan take full responsibility for the massacre of innocent people in Syria, including her own son.

In light of recent events, Eva sent us a poem earlier directed to President Erdogan (or Turdogan, as she calls him), which you can find below. “My son wrote political rhymes,” she writes. “I don’t know if he ever composed a song dedicated to you, but I wrote this little ballad in his spirit, just for you.”

Now, we know how President Erdogan can react to satirical performances directed or related to him. When German comedian Jan Böhmermann wrote a 24 lines poem where he insulted Erdogan (Including references to the President’s sexuality), the poem sparked a diplomatic row between Germany and Turkey, prompting Chancellor Angela Merkel to authorise criminal proceedings against the comedian as per Turkey’s request.

Furthermore, Iceland actually has laws against insulting foreign leaders.

It seems, however, that Eva couldn’t care less. In fact, she has already sent the poem to the Turkish Embassy in Oslo as well. “I look forward to seeing you spanked by Macron,” she concludes, and here the poem begins.

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