From Iceland — Icelanders Pummel Tourist RVs

Icelanders Pummel Tourist RVs

Published June 21, 2017

Elías Þórsson
Photo by
Julia Staples

People in eastern Iceland are fed up with tourists parking and sleeping in their RVs and camper vans where ever they please, reports RÚV.

There have been incidents of locals honking their horns, banging on vehicles and shouting profanities after the tourists. Recently, the Egilstaðir municipality introduced a rule change, which forbids travellers from sleeping in their camper vans and RVs outside of campsites. Since then, the police has started a nightly patrol ordering people to leave.

Understandable anger

María Hjálmarsdóttir, project manager at the development institution for eastern Iceland Ásbrú, says that she know of many examples of locals losing their shit over this travellers’ tendency.

“If people are persistently parking in the same spots then people have knocked on the cars and shouted at the drivers,” María told RÚV. “Many people don’t know how to explain the issue and instead get angry.”

María claims that the anger is understandable, but hopes that locals approach the matter in a more polite manner. In response, Ásbrú has printed fliers instructing tourists to stay in designated camping areas. Furthermore, municipalities in the area have put up signs with similar instructions.

Sleep where ever you please, please

Earlier in the month The Grapevine reported that kindergarten teachers had witnessed tourists camping and doing their business by their kindergarten.

We realise Iceland is expensive, but this is getting out of hand. Sleeping in Harpa, camping by a kindergarten and staying in RVs in parking lots. How long until we see people sleeping in dinghies on Þingvallavatn, or using puffin nests as pillows?

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