From Iceland — Music Picks: Auður Meets Jason Mraz

Music Picks: Auður Meets Jason Mraz

Published March 27, 2017

Ketamine, Chicken, and Butter
Shades of Reykjavík / Hrnnr & Smjorvi
Saturday – April 1 – 22:00 – Hvíti Riddarinn – 2.200 ISK

On the first of April, expect some weird rap. Yes, Shades of Reykjavík, the babyboys behind lyrics like: “I’m too cold, I need Swiss Mix / I’m a marshmallow for bitches / I always say what I mean / learn to listen if you’re dyslexic” and “I fucked Snow White in an old forest / can’t remember where I am / I’m fucked up in a tree” are playing at Hvíti Riddarinn for a Saturday night you won’t, and probably can’t, forget. They’re joined by 16 year old rappers Hrnnr & Smjörvi. Don’t worry, their jam “Enginn Myndir” (“No Pictures”) contains the lyrics, “Dick pics? No, no. Flash pics? No no!”, so this concert is safe for both lesbians, straight men, and epileptics. HJC

Punk-Rock Like You’re English
Sham 69
Friday, April 7, 21:00
Gaukurinn, 2.500 ISK

You thought Anglo punk-rock was dead? Sham 69 is twice your age (the band is 41) and twice as fun (come on, have you written an anthem for the World Cup?). They’re joined by Fræbbblarnir, Q4U and Leiksvið Fáránleikans. GD

Screaming In Space
Endless Dark / Future Figment
March 24th, 21:00, 1.000 ISK

Endless Dark. Future Figment. Are these post-apocalyptic space movies? No. They’re heavy metal bands. Because in space nobody can hear you scream, and that’s actually a big part of heavy metal. So head to Húrra and scream your heart out. JS

Endless Dark

The Infinite Swoon-Fest
Auður DJ set
Bar Ananas
March 24th, 2017, 22:00

Auður is a smooth-singing blonde bombshell. Make sure to bring an extra bra. You might find yourself throwing yours. HJC

Well, you done done me
Evening with Jason Mraz and his guitar
Saturday, April 1, 2017, 20:30, 5.990-10.990 ISK

I tried to be chill, but Mraz is so hot that I melted. It’s true. Is he winning or learning? GD

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