From Iceland — You Should Have Heard This: 'Andi' by Andi

You Should Have Heard This: ‘Andi’ by Andi

Published January 8, 2017

Photo by
Magnus Andersen

Once upon a time,
Lady Boy Records received an email,
with attachments.
Those were pretty much what is now the Andi album.

The label usually does not release “readymade” albums,
but this one came out of the batch already classic.
And boys, ladies, and lady boys were stunned by it.
Disco. Disco. And something else.

Andi is a ghost, a mystery,
and will probably stay that way,
he genuinely makes music to provide happiness and uplifting feelings through his midi controllers and synthesizers.

Obviously disco oriented, Andi is timeless.
He gave up his career as a trained classical guitarist to make movies;
But like this Mario Bros game you have to finish up, Andi came back to music. Somehow.

And there comes some beats, and there comes melodies, and they won’t give up,
not til you smile, and wiggle. And wiggle.

No fillers all killers, that is the motto.

If, though, you wonder who is the man behind the beauty,
well… he is from Hafnarfjörður;
thankful you listen his music,
and wants you to be happy doing so.

Andi means spirit, and it couldn’t be more spot on.
What could seem naïve at first,
is only the spirit of genuine uplifting beats, bass lines and leads.
Do not underestimate genuineness.

Whistle it away,
Andi is among us.
And here to stay.

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