From Iceland — Humans Of Reykjavík: Kristín Morthens

Humans Of Reykjavík: Kristín Morthens

Published October 10, 2016

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York Underwood

Every issue, we will interview someone living in Reykjavík or just visiting the city, so as to share with you, dear reader, the trials and tribulations of daily life here in the capital.

This issue’s human: Kristín Morthens, artist with Algera Studio, lives in Reykjavík and studies in Toronto.

What’s the difference between joining an art scene here in Reykjavík as opposed to Toronto?

“It was very refreshing going to a new city, but not much different. When you go to big city you expect it to be overwhelming, but it’s pretty much the same. Arts scenes in general are pretty small and interconnected. After a few weeks meeting everyone, you start running into the same people over and over again. I guess that’s different than here. Here it would only be a couple of hours.”

Is there a difference in what aesthetics are popular between Reykjavík and Toronto?

“Toronto is a lot bigger and there are more painters. There aren’t a lot of young painters in Iceland. Also, Iceland is secluded. It doesn’t fall into international fads as quickly and does its own thing. It isn’t as influenced by everything else. Toronto is close to New York and the aesthetics are shared. In Iceland, for young artists, you have to work with what you got. There aren’t that many places to show your work. The arts scene in Toronto is more digitally influenced than the Icelandic arts scene.”

Where are you going to school?

“I’m studying at Ontario College Of Art And Design (OCAD) in Toronto, but this semester I’m studying at The Art Institute of Chicago as an exchange student. I came back here to show my work for a week in Reykjavík before heading back to school.”


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