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“No Outdoor Pooping” Signs Are Now A Thing

Published July 19, 2016

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Locals have started taking matters in their own hands when it comes to tourists answering nature’s call in the great outdoors.

RÚV reports that the town of Stykkishólmur in west Iceland has put up several of the signs you see above, whose message is fairly unambiguous. Icelanders reporters spoke with said the signs are making a considerable difference.

The sign has done well amongst Icelanders in the area; almost as much as signs banning offsite camping, and signs that ban the use of drones. The “relieving man”, as the no-pooping-outdoors sign has been called, was created only earlier this summer but has already reached to nearly every corner of the country.

As has been reported, incidences of tourists caught with their pants down have captured the Icelandic imagination.

In fairness to the tourists, there is a considerable shortage of public toilets in the Icelandic countryside, and the problem still has yet to be significantly addressed by related authorities.

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