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Jellyfish Infestation At Nauthólsvík

Published July 4, 2016

Photos by
Kip Evans/Wikimedia Commons

If you were hoping to go to Reykjavík’s scenic beach, bear in mind that you won’t be alone in the water.

Vísir reports that the summertime hang-out spot is now popular with more than just people. Jellyfish are also reportedly in the waters in significant numbers.

Two species in particular stand out: the moon jelly and the lion’s mane jellyfish, the latter being more numerous. Swimmers have reportedly already started getting stung.

Fortunately, the beach will not be closed on account of the jellyfish. As the creatures are fairly ubiquitous near beaches around the world, swimmers are instead advised to swim at their own risk.

While jellyfish around Iceland are far from unusual, the increased numbers are a fairly new thing. Marine biologist Ástþór Gíslason told reporters that the increased warming of the North Atlantic has been a contributing factor.

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