From Iceland — This Week's #GVpics Winner!

This Week’s #GVpics Winner!

Published June 7, 2016

Come one, come all! Here we have an entirely new set of glorious Instagram photos for your viewing pleasure (don’t say we never gave you nothing).

Remember to continue diligently tagging your photographs with the hashtag #GVpics for a chance at becoming the winner of next week’s competition. Winners get a sweet Grapevine t-shirt, and the winning pictures go into our printed edition.

The runners-up:

What a view. And the background’s not bad either.

Making friends at 283m amsl

A photo posted by Kevin Sebastián (@kvnsbstn) on

I mean, his name is Viking Worrier.

Channeling #solstafir #gvpics #tinyiceland

A photo posted by Jem (@vikingworrier) on

Also known as Scheuchzer’s cottongrass (no, we did not just sneeze), Hrafnafífa looks straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. So, if you please, don’t call it a weed (hey, we never claimed to be Dr. Suess ourselves).

Hrafnafífa, queen of Icelandic flowers – Kaldidalur – july 2014 #repostproject #Iceland

A photo posted by Julli jonsson (@julli_jonsson) on

Yes, it’s summer (allegedly). This isn’t the brightest, most cheery of pictures. But the photo’s deep, rich colours had to be shared. We’re only doing our aesthetically-minded duty.


A photo posted by Tiago Martins (@tferraz) on

Oh moss, how I love thee (most likely to a nonsensical, unhealthy extent).

Moon walk in Iceland. #gvpics #iceland #icelandtravel #icelandsecret #icelandicnature #iloveiceland #icelandnatural #everydayiceland #icelandexplored

A photo posted by @21lo on

Quintessential summer. (Please note the little girls are still in sweaters and long pants. i.e. quintessential summer–in Iceland).


A photo posted by Dries (@rouxbox) on

Now that’s the life.

Cruising around Reykjavik with the Falcon II #reykjavik #sailingboat #faxafloi #gvpics #ig_iceland

A photo posted by Julli jonsson (@julli_jonsson) on

Certain people are real serious about their summers.

Brave guys, cold waves. #Surfing #Iceland #AtlanticOcean #NorthAtlantic

A photo posted by Henry Páll (@aguycalledpaul) on

In the bleak midsummer.

A photo posted by Tiago Martins (@tferraz) on

We get a lot of horse photos. But when they look like they could form their own band, we feel recognition is deserved.

Crazy hair day! #IcelandicHorse #HairGameStrong #IcelandTravel #Iceland #NotMyStopover #GVpics

A photo posted by Solo Sojourner (@elizabethannebond) on

Drum roll please… Our winner is none other than the illustrious @21lo.

Moon walk in Iceland. #gvpics #iceland #icelandtravel #icelandsecret #icelandicnature #iloveiceland #icelandnatural #everydayiceland #icelandexplored

A photo posted by @21lo on

Remember what I confessed about that nonsensical, unhealthy extent? But, really—this photo is a beaut, and it perfectly captures the distinctive nature of Icelandic moss (currently standing plaintiff in a case against Justin Bieber over unnecessary and excessive trampling). @21lo, you have a T-shirt and goodie bag awaiting you at the Grapevine office (or coming in the mail).

Thanks to everybody for participating in this week’s contest—make sure to follow @RVKgrapevine on Instagram, and to tag your photographs #GVpics for next week’s competition!
#GVPics #GVPics #GVPics #GVPics #GVPics

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