From Iceland — MPs Call For Eze's Return

MPs Call For Eze’s Return

Published June 1, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Paul Fontaine

Members of parliament across party affiliation have called for the return of Eze Okafor to Iceland.

MBL reports that opposition MPs raised the subject of Eze Okafor in parliament today, imploring Minister of the Interior Ólöf Nordal to bring him back to Iceland.

Bright Future MP Páll Val­ur Björns­son called upon Ólöf to not only bring him back to Iceland, but to also grant him a residence and working permit. Prior to his deportation last week, he had been living in Iceland for about four years.

Left-Green MP Stein­unn Þóra Árna­dótt­ir turned her attention to the Directorate of Immigration, saying that it appears they see their role as being to keep out as many foreigners as possible, by any means at their disposal.

Pirate Party MP Helgi Hrafn Gunn­ars­son accused the government of being just as guilty as the Directorate of the situation, saying that he could not understand how people could “defend this stupidity”. Helgi added that it is time for Icelanders to wake up and stop treating asylum seekers like animals.

Despite the Immigration Appeals Board ruling last month that he could no longer be deported, the Directorate of Immigration had him arrested and put on a plane to Sweden last week. Swedish authorities may in turn deport him to Nigeria, where he faces almost certain reprisals from Boko Haram, who have already murdered his brother.

His deportation has sparked not only harsh criticism from the general public, but also protests and direct action against immigration authorities.

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