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Excellent Weather Predicted This Week

Published May 9, 2016

Photos by
Axel Sigurðarsson

If you were hoping to be able to enjoy some quality time outdoors in Iceland this week, you may be in luck.

Vísir reports that meteorologists are expecting warm and/or sunny weather across most of the country. These conditions are predicted to persist through Sunday.

Light winds to the northwest are expected tomorrow, with clouds in the west and clear skies in the east. Temperatures are expected to range from 6° to 15°, with the warmest temperatures predicted in the east.

Temperatures will remain relatively the same on Wednesday, with clouds covering most of the country, although cloud cover should be thinner in the south.

Where the weekend is concerned, light winds and dry air are also expected through Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There may be colder temperatures in the northeast, but otherwise things should be warm across the country. Conditions may get wet again on Sunday, especially in the south and the west, but temperatures will remain warm.

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