From Iceland — Netflix Selection In Iceland 1/6 That Of The US

Netflix Selection In Iceland 1/6 That Of The US

Published February 27, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Art Bicnick

The selection of TV shows and movies Icelanders can choose from on Netflix is a fraction of what Americans get from the streaming service.

Data recently compiled by shows the selection of television shows and movies on Netflix that users of the service in different countries have. Despite about a third of Iceland subscribing to Netflix, the selection offered is but a fraction of what users in other countries receive.

Out of 184 countries, Iceland is in 106th place in terms of the volume of material Netflix users here have access to. In real terms, this means 180 television series and 777 movies.

By contrast, American Netflix users have access to 1,157 television series and 4,593 movies. As such, Icelanders only have access to about one-sixth the material Americans do. While a larger share of Americans – about 51% – have Netflix subscriptions, this does not explain the discrepancy.

Icelanders who are considering attempting the use of a proxy server, to access Netflix with an American IP address to get a greater selection of Netflix material, should be aware that the streaming service has put safeguards in place to prevent the use of proxies. In some cases, your account could be locked out permanently for attempting the use of proxies.

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