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Another Would-Be Stowaway Caught

Published February 25, 2016

Photo by
Art Bicnick

For at least the second time this month, someone else has been caught attempting to stowaway on a ship in Reykjavík harbour.

RÚV reports that a man was arrested at the Sundahöfn harbour attempting to sneak on board a ship stopping in Iceland on its way to points elsewhere. He is now in police custody pending an investigation.

About two weeks ago, someone else was caught attempting to stowaway at the same location.

Someone trying to stowaway on a cargo ship is unusual in Iceland. More typically, attempts are made to sneak onto the Norræna ferry, although in the last case on the matter an asylum seeker from Denmark was attempting to get to Iceland by ferry.

A bit further back, an attempt was made to stowaway on a cruise ship, which was also unsuccessful.

In most cases, people in Iceland who attempt to secretly board ships are on their way to Canada. Not everyone is successful in this endeavour.

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