From Iceland — Too Drunk To Fly

Too Drunk To Fly

Published February 15, 2016

Three passengers in the past few days have been denied entry to their flights, on account of being too drunk to board.

Vísir reports that two men were recently barred entry from a flight to Gdansk, as the pilot contended they were too intoxicated to get on the plane. Suðurnes Police say that the two did not object, but in fact requested that they be allowed to sleep it off at the local police station. This request was granted.

A third passenger, on a separate flight, was also denied boarding for the same reason. However, a compromise was reached, in that the passenger in question had his flight changed, allowing him time to sober up.

Airlines are particularly cautious about letting intoxicated passengers on board. Incidences of drunk flyers causing trouble became so common some years ago that a term was invented for it: flugdólgur, or “air hooligan”. Some previous offenders were so bad they were only allowed to fly again with a chaperon.

The Grapevine would like to advise our readers to reserve your heavy drinking for after you arrive at your destination.

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