From Iceland — 50 ISK Piece Most Beautiful Icelandic Legal Tender

50 ISK Piece Most Beautiful Icelandic Legal Tender

Published February 9, 2016

Photo by
York Underwood

The humble 50 krónur coin has been voted the most beautiful piece of currency in Iceland.

Vísir reports that numerous people cast votes for Iceland’s most beautiful currency. These votes were made at The Central Bank and National Museum Numismatic Collection over the course of last weekend.

Amongst Central Bank employees, the clear winner was the 50 krónur coin, which can be seen above. The golden coin is slightly smaller and thicker than the 100 krónur coin, and is the only currency in Iceland to feature a crab – itself an uncommon creature in Icelandic fish shops.

While a previous poll on the subject of Iceland’s currency showed most Icelanders would rather use something else, the króna still has its supporters. Amongst them is the Prime Minister, who has called the Icelandic króna “the strongest and most stable currency in the world”.

Here you can see images of Iceland’s other denominations for the sake of aesthetic comparison.

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