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Drug Cop Arrested For Charges Unknown

Published January 6, 2016

Photo by
Hlynz/Wikimedia Commons

A police officer for the drug crimes division was arrested and is facing charges, but what those charges are has not been disclosed.

RÚV reports that the police officer in question was arrested and questioned on December 29. He was since been placed in custody, where he will remain until Friday.

The officer was placed in solidarity confinement due to the sensitivity of the nature of the case. While it has not been disclosed what charges he is facing, it has been reported that it pertains to “an unnatural relationship between a police officer and criminals”.

A lawyer for the police officer says that the investigation does not involve the officer directly, and that he has not had the opportunity to respond to the charges against him. He has furthermore not been allowed to see any of the evidence against him.

However, sources close to RÚV have said the case does not involve any other police officers. The State Prosecutor’s office has yet to respond to requests from the media for further details on the matter.

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