From Iceland — Download This! Milkywhale's 'Invisible'

Download This! Milkywhale’s ‘Invisible’

Published November 13, 2015

Milkywhale are a new electronic pop duo who recently set Iceland Airwaves 2015 alight with five fabulously fun shows. So catchy were the tracks of Árni “Plúseinn” Hlöðversson (you might know him from such bands as FM Belfast, Hairdoctor and Blazing Inferno) and so explosively joyful were the performances of singer Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir, that several of Grapevine’s festival review team immediately formed a fandom (#Hvalmjólkurmennirnir) and trailed around town watching each and every gig they played.

So, they fully deserve to be our post-Airwaves featured track. Also, it’s a damn good track. For fun, check out this “Best Of Milkywhale Fawning 2015” collection we assembled from the many glowing words our resident fanboys wrote about them.

“Melkorka is an inspired, somewhat divine individual who has decided to use her time on earth to plant an immovable smile on the faces of every human being possible. She jumps, writhes, spins, stamps, pumps her hips, reaches for the crowd’s faces, throws herself to the ground, stretches for the sky, pops her shoulders, and is a generally unstoppable maelstrom of movement. The energy that pours from her isn’t that kind of “let me entertain you” professional-but-practiced stagey dancer feeling, but rather a channelling of a deep love for life, dance, music and movement. I guarantee that seeing Milkywhale is the most fun you’ll have with any kind of whale during your stay in Iceland. Of all the things we’ve learned watching and reporting on the sightings of “the glamorous whale” (their lyrics), we have one conclusion: In our expert, scientific opinion, Milkywhale basically won Airwaves.”

Download it right here! (right click and save as)

If you want to read more about our Milkywhale fanboyism, check out the report on the SUPER SECRET OFFICE PARTY we keep talking about.

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