From Iceland — Airwaves & Chill: This Year's Best Sex Music

Airwaves & Chill: This Year’s Best Sex Music

Published November 8, 2015

Grayson Del Faro

Some artists, like James Blake and the Weeknd, are especially appreciated for their abilities to enhance (or maybe even initiate) some good sexy time with your favourite sexy person. These two each have radically distinct sounds from each other, but have a couple things in common. They each manage to incorporate electronics and soulfulness in ways that somehow manage to get us in the mood. Iceland Airwaves always seems to have a particularly good line up of various blends of electropop, so I’ve selected my top three sexiest sounds from this year’s lineup for you all to try out in the privacy of your own homes.

Newcomer Auður is just getting started but he’s got the sexy sounds down. He’s a little heavier on the R&B than the eletronics, so it might be a little slow for the act itself. But it would pair well with the pre-sex dinner-and-wine-type part of your evening, so give this a shot. He doesn’t have many tunes available on the internet yet, so you’re stuck with this video of him starting an orgy at the National and University Library of Iceland for now, but it should be enough to get the job done. I’d never heard of him until he played at our secret Airwaves party. I vaguely remember the refrain of one song going, “…until I fuck you / until I love you,” or something along those lines. So keep your eyes peeled for that one. I got kinda into it. Your special friend might too.

Girl, he just can’t stop thinking about you.

Vök’s lead singer has an enticingly low, airy, and sultry voice. They’re incredibly talented at a slow, steady and erotic build up in their songs. They have some slightly porny but surprisingly classy guitar riffs, and most importantly, they have a saxaphone. A fucking saxophone. I don’t know what it is about the saxophone that is somehow so inherently sexy (other than sex and sax being slant-rhymes) but they do it right. And they’ll help you do it right, as their tracks are appropriate for any sexy situation ranging from strangers to spouses. Although their new tracks are verging on the poppier side, they’ve certainly not lost their sexiness. they’ve been a tried-and-true home favorite of mine since I first heard them play Tension at Kex in 2013. I mean, this video requires no explanation.

They prefer the lights out… even though it’s just for you.

Mr. Silla
Now this one might come as a surprise to you, as it did to me. I’ve seen her play in many of her other music projects and while they’re all generally great music, not one has really spoken to my sexy sensibilities. I’d never heard Mr. Silla when I went o see her at Gamla Bíó, and I must confess I was expecting something that sounded basically like múm. I was surprised not only by her amount of soul, but the slow, booming melodies and the deeply emotive vocals. It’s definitely the kind of sex music for someone for with whom you actually experience emotions. She explained to KEXP that the song is about finding peace in a dark part of a relationship, so I think it’s probably best suited for make-up sex. The video contrasts this sharply, so maybe it’s also good for some kind of post-apocalyptic sex if you’re into that kind of thing.

Isn’t there a warmth—isn’t there a warmth that you could huddle into?

There’s a nice diverse range of sexy music for your (hopefully) diverse sex lives. I’m sorry I couldn’t report these prior to their their concerts so you could experience them live with your favorite sexy person, or even find a new sexy person there. But there’s still hope for the lonely souls: Vök takes the stage for their final show tonight at Vodafone Hall, so get on out there and get it on. (Not in the venue, obviously.) To say nothing of your sexual proclivities or general attractiveness, but if Vök can’t get you laid, you should probably just get a cat.

Not your style? Tell us in the comments which Airwaves artists got you in the mood this long, fun, and sexy weekend.

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