From Iceland — Caught On Film Throwing Furniture Off A Cliff

Caught On Film Throwing Furniture Off A Cliff

Published November 1, 2015

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Bjoertvedt/Wikimedia Commons

A photographer captured images of two people throwing furniture from the Krísuvíkurbjarg cliffs and into the sea, despite a nearby recycling centre.

Vísir reports that a photographer, who wishes to remain anonymous, was at the pristine cliffs last night taking pictures of the sunset, when he noticed the arrival of a Land Cruiser.

“I thought at first they were coming to take pictures, because they were taking furniture out of the car,” said the photographer. “Then I heard this noise, looked back, and saw they were throwing it off the cliffs.”

The photographer said at least one sofa and two chairs were thrown over the side and into the sea.

Strangest of all, the photographer points out that it is not exactly a short drive to the Krísuvíkurbjarg cliffs from any of the nearby towns, and that a local recycling centre that could take this furniture is considerably easier to get to.

Reporters contacted police on the matter, who confirmed that in addition to a minimal fine of “some thousand krónur”, people who toss out garbage in natural areas are often made to clean up after themselves. Whether that will be the case in this instance remains to be seen.

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