From Iceland — Iceland Tweets #ReasonsToQuitFacebook After Nipple Ban

Iceland Tweets #ReasonsToQuitFacebook After Nipple Ban

Published March 27, 2015

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Wikimedia Commons / NÁ

Following Iceland’s viral #FreeTheNipple campaign yesterday a number of Icelanders – even this very publication – found themselves banned or their pictures removed from Facebook for sharing nipples or nipple news items.

In response Icelanders on Twitter have begun using the hashtag #ástæðurtilaðhættaáfacebook (translated: #ReasonsToQuitFacebook).

While at first it may have started off with complaints about the social media not being able to handle non-sexualised but fully actualised images of breasts, Icelanders began to realise what else annoyed them about Facebook. Like other people for instance, and candy crush invites, the notification “added a picture of you”, status updates that begin “Maybe I’m just old fashioned but-” and perhaps the most controversial of Facebook users… uncles.

Alma Mjöll (@AlmaMjoll): “Facebook can’t handle my nips #ReasonsToQuitFacebook #FreeTheNipple.”

Klara Arnalds (@klaraarnalds): “1. Titcensorship #ReasonsToQuitFacebook.”

Bára Gísladóttir (@baragisla): “Forbidding 1/2 for having nipples #ReasonsToQuitFacebook.”

Sunna Ben (@SunnaBen): “Facebook is so opposed to #FreeTheNipple that it has banned all of The Reykjavik Grapevines’ articles #ReasonsToQuitFacebook.”

Hrafn Jónsson (@hrafnjónsson): “I can’t post any Grapevine links because of some censorship-downer-bullshit-madness #ReasonsToQuitFacebook.”

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