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The Páll Óskar Exhibition Opening Today

Published January 31, 2015

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Börkur Sigþórs

An exhibition at the Icelandic Museum of Rock n’ Roll honouring Icelandic pop artist Páll Óskar will open its doors today in Reykjanesbær, reports Nútíminn.

The exhibition will feature some of Páll Óskar’s most famous costumes as well as his collection of Rocky Horror memorabilia which he began collecting in 1991.

“I haven’t thrown any of it away since,” said Páll Óskar.

But perhaps the coolest item of all will be Páll Óskar’s Nokia 6110 which he used for 14 years.

“Guests will also be able to go into a little studio, pick their favourite song of mine, pick a key and sing it themselves,” said Páll Óskar, who will celebrate his 45th birthday in a few days time. “Then we send the recording to them via mail with a video too… The plan is to make the exhibit as fun and diverse as possible.”

Additionally the exhibit will feature interviews, old magazines, art, commercials and calendars.

Páll Óskar is something of a national pop treasure. His career, which spans over two decades and features seven studio albums and two greatest hits albums, has been diverse but at its heart his message is love in all its forms and acceptance. Eurovision fans will remember Páll Óskar’s song in 1997, Min Hinsti Dans (My Final Dance).

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