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Áramótaskaupið A Hit With Chicks, A Miss With Conservatives

Published January 16, 2015

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Áramótaskaupið Still/RÚV

According to a recent opinion poll, the annual comedy revue show screened on New Year’s Eve, Áramótaskaupið, was popular among women but generally disliked by those who vote for the ruling Progressive Party, reports MMR.

Tuning in to watch actors and actresses mock the major news events of the year gone by is an old and honoured Icelandic tradition and this year was no different. The only difference compared to previous revues was the fact that it was written entirely by women.

This might explain why results showed that female participants thought it was better than their male counterparts.

In all 933 people over the age of 18 participated in the poll but only 35% agreed that Áramótaskaupið was good. Comparatively, 81% of participants felt that last year’s revue was good.

Participants who supported either the Progressive Party or the Independence Party (Iceland’s ruling coalition) were especially dissatisfied with Áramótaskaupið. In fact 75% of Progressive Party supporters disliked Áramótaskaupið and 67% of Independence Party voters disliked it.

By contrast, 75% of Left Green supporters enjoyed Áramótaskaupið.


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