From Iceland — Bæjarins Beztu Beef Up Security In Anticipation Of Bjúgnakrækir

Bæjarins Beztu Beef Up Security In Anticipation Of Bjúgnakrækir

Published December 20, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
K-Fai Steele

Popular hot dog stand Bæjarins Beztu hired extra security last night in preparation for the arrival of the ninth Yule Lad, Bjúgnakrækir (Sausage Swiper).

“We couldn’t afford losses like last year,” said the vendor on duty, Jói, when the Grapevine caught up with him last night. “He cleared us out, all the hot dogs, just gone. I’d only worked at Bæjarins Beztu a few months when Bjúgnakrækir hit us last year. One minute I’m selling a hot dog ‘with everything’ and the next I’m waking up on the floor and the whole place has been turned over. He ate it all.”

Two bodyguards have been hired to guard the hot dog stand. One posted at the front window and another at the back door. Both are confident they will be able to protect the hot dogs from the elusive sausage burglar.

Bjúgnakrækir is known for hanging off the rafters of farmsteads and swiping the sausages while they were being smoked.

Although he has continued to pilfer sausages from people’s homes, last year his behaviour escalated when he struck what is arguably Iceland’s most popular hot dog stand and stole almost a 1000 hot dogs.

Bjúgnakrækir was caught on security cameras and identified by the Metropolitan Police who have had an outstanding arrest warrant since last December.

Bæjarins Beztu are known for their vigilance, just this past month they remained open during one of the worst storms to hit the country in many years.

“I won’t be caught unawares again,” said Jói. “I volunteered for this shift specifically because I plan on being ready this time. He’s my Moby Dick.”

The Grapevine was unable to contact Bjúgnakrækir who is still on the loose.

If you or your family would like to meet Bjúgnakrækir, he will be making his annual visit to the National Museum of Iceland at 11 am today. Just make sure you lock away your sausages before you leave the house.

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