From Iceland — Askasleikir Unveils New Omaggio Askur

Askasleikir Unveils New Omaggio Askur

Published December 17, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
K-Fai Steele

The sixth Yule Lad, Askasleikir (Bowl Licker), unveiled the newest addition to the Omaggio design family at the much-anticipated Kähler holiday event last night.

Several rumours have been floating around on the internet about how the company would innovate next and fans were not disappointed by the newest rollout.

“The Omaggio Askur is a modern twist on a classic Icelandic design,” said Askasleikir while presenting the bowl in front of a crowd of industry specialists and design bloggers. “Kähler and I are confident that our collaboration will inspire a new generation of home-owners and tip its hat to the traditionalists too.”

The Omaggio Askur – similar to the 175th anniversary edition Omaggio vase that sold out within five minutes and crashed Icelandic e-commerce site Módern earlier this year – is a homage to Iceland’s bowls of yore.

“Long ago I emerged from my mountain cave each Christmas, sneaking into humble farmsteads and hiding under beds, just waiting for someone to place the askur out for the cats and dogs, so I could scoop out their leftovers,” said Askasleikir wearing his trademark Icelandic lopapeysa. “Back in those days, people appreciated these lidded bowls. For years it’s baffled me, why folks have moved away from this handy design feature. So when Kähler approached me about a possible collaboration I was inspired by my past and ready to bring it into the future.”

Only 500 Omaggio Askas will be produced and will be sold at 20,000 ISK (162 USD) each. The stylish gold-striped lidded bowl will go on sale at noon today at a pop-up store next to Kaffitár on Laugarvegur. Interested shoppers should hurry, as a queue began to form three days ago.

“We were so happy to make Askasleikir a part of the Kähler family, and funnily, he’s been around for as long as we have, if not longer,” a Kähler spokeswoman told Grapevine’s journalist directly after the event. “And now we have this great new product and have found a fabulous – albeit scruffy – new brand ambassador in Askasleikir. He’s very passionate about the product and has done extensive testing and licking. Quality control, you understand.”

If you or your family would like to meet Askasleikir, he will be making his annual visit the National Museum of Iceland at 11 am today.

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