From Iceland — Statistics Iceland: 447.000 Icelanders By 2065

Statistics Iceland: 447.000 Icelanders By 2065

Published December 16, 2014

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By 2065 there will be more Icelanders to love, 447.000 in total according to a new report from Statistics Iceland.

The report includes national projections for the size and structure of the future total population of Iceland. The forecast is based on new and improved statistical models that factor in economic growth, migration, fertility and mortality.

population predictions statistics iceland

Courtesy of Statistics Iceland

According to the report, the Icelandic population will grow from 326.000 to 447.000 people in the next 50 years. This is due to both migration and procreation (i.e. natural increase).

The number of births per year are expected to exceed the number of deaths per year during the entire period, and life expectancy for both men and women at birth will grow; from 83 years in 2014 to 88 years in 2065 for women, and from 79 to 84 years for men.

After 2030, Icelandic women will outnumber men. This is because women, on average, live longer. However, as male life expectancy rises the gender ratio is expected to grow more balanced around 2050.

population pyramid statistics iceland

Courtesy of Statistics Iceland

By 2037, 20% of the population will be over 65 years of age. By 2062 people over 65 years of age will exceed 25% of the population.

Statistics Iceland also predicts the number of emigrating Icelandic citizens will continue to be higher than the number of returning citizens per year. Additionally, immigration rates are expected to exceed the emigration rates, which is mainly the result of a high level of foreign immigration to Iceland.

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