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Pippa Met Sigur Rós

Published December 2, 2014

Haukur Már Helgason
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Pippa's Facebook Account

Pippa is a seven year old girl from the US — and a fan of Icelandic band Sigur Rós. Suffering a stroke at birth, Pippa has battled with several medical conditions. After an extensive hip surgery left her in severe pain, Pippa responded with fascination to Sigur Rós’ documentary “Heima”. Increasingly curious about the band and their country, she expressed her wish to visit the place and meet them.

A friend of the family then started a crowdfunding campaign, “Pippa’s Wish”, to make that happen. Upon hearing about the campaign the band itself donated $5,000. After that, the campaign reached its $25,000 target fast.

Last week, Pippa arrived in Iceland, and this weekend she met the band’s members at their studio. This was reported by Vísir. The accompanying images were published on the campaign’s Facebook page.

Pippa and Sigur Rós

Pippa and Sigur Rós

Early November, when the goal of the campaign had been reached, Pippa’s mother, Megan Alethea Brown Hull, was interviewed for the Grapevine by John Rogers. She expressed her surprise at the response: “I figured we would get a trickle of donations over several months and maybe a larger donation here and there. Instead, we have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity of people all over the world who were touched by Pippa’s story.”

Pippa and Sigur Rós

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