From Iceland — Airwaves: GET BLOWN AWAY!


Published November 8, 2014

… nope. Not talking about music.

Saskia Vallendar
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Saskia Vallendar

… nope. Not talking about music.

Since Wednesday, we’ve enjoyed three days and nights filled with tunes from all over the world. A few days prior to Airwaves’ kick-off, Reykjavík was freezing and it was lovely; clear skies, beautiful pink sunsets and a bit of sunshine here and there. But the day the festival started, those asshole weather gods decided to bring a “slight breeze” into our lives. Unfortunately, this “breeze” isn’t as exotic and refreshing as one would hope. The opposite. It’s bloody windy! It sucks! It’s literally AIR-WAVES!

When you walk down the streets and get to the junctions, with one street leading towards the sea, you can expect to get blown away. The wind makes it hard to stand or walk outside. The poor smokers trying to light their cigarettes outside Harpa— hopeless! Those walking from one venue to another, unsure if they’re stumbling due to the amounts of alcohol or “just” the wind— you’ll figure it out the next morning. Those empty beer cans on the street turning into bullets flying through the streets of Reykjavík—ouch! And those ladies, who had planned on wearing pretty flared skirts or dresses—DON’T, unless you want to be the Marilyn of Iceland!

Under normal circumstances, you probably wouldn’t leave the house in this weather. But hey, it’s Airwaves, and it’s only once a year! Get out of the house and let the wind blow you to one of the many promising gigs they have to offer. And it’s ok if you accidentally flash someone— it’s windy! And if it wasn’t an accident, you can always blame it on the wind.

Good luck out there!

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