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Benefit Concert For Gálgahraun Nine In The Works

Published October 10, 2014

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Numerous musicians will soon be holding a benefit concert to pay the fines of the Gálgahraun Nine.

Vísir reports that musician Bubbi Morthens is spearheading the event, with the hopes of getting as many different musicians as possible. All proceeds will go towards paying the fines of nine protesters, who were yesterday sentenced to pay 100,000 ISK each within four weeks or spend eight days in jail.

“This is a call to arms to Icelandic musicians,” Bubbi told reporters. “Hold a concert within four weeks. Collect money. Pay the fines. … This [verdict] is a joke. Sometimes you don’t believe things will go down this way. Yes, this was an unnecessary sentence. It’s stupid.”

Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson of Retro Stefson has already volunteered to participate in the benefit concert, and more musicians are expected.

As reported, all nine suspects were found guilty of refusing to obey police orders to leave the site of road construction through a legally protected lava field. They were also sentenced to pay 150,000 ISK in legal fees.

A final date on the benefit concert is still pending.

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