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Landslide Stops Traffic To Öskjuvatn

Published July 23, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Wikimedia Commons

An incredibly large landslide struck the south-eastern side of Öskjuvatn lake just before midnight last night and all traffic to the area has subsequently been closed, report Vísir

The landslide was so large it caused a tsunami in the lake and made the surrounding area tremor for over 20 minutes.

The landslide is attributed to good weather in recent days which lead to ice around the lake melting quickly, causing the ground to destabilise. The ridge surrounding the lake is still believed to be unstable and landslips are possible.

All traffic in and around the area has therefore been banned until scientists and Iceland’s Emergency Management team have investigated the situation and given the all-clear.

Öskjuvatn lake is situated in the crater of Askja volcano in the north-east of Vatnajökull glacier. Its name simply means the lake of Askja. Like the neighbouring crater Víti, it was created by an enormous volcanic eruption in 1875.

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