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Dolphins Play With Boat – VIDEO

Published June 13, 2014

Photos by
Wikimedia Commons

Six or seven dolphins took turns playing with the bow of a small boat yesterday morning, while the captain recorded their fun.

“It was fun to watch them,” said seaman Benedikt Sigurðsson of Bolungarvík. “They took turns approaching and playing with the bow of the boat, while the others waited nearby. They were like kids on a trampoline.”

Benedikt’s video, which can be seen below, was recorded at around 8:00 yesterday morning in Ísafjarðardjúp fjord, northwest Iceland. He told reporters that dolphins often follow his small boat, which he takes out to sea about three times a week.

“Most people who head out here are on high-speed fishing boats,” he said. “[The dolphins] don’t follow them. My small boat goes about six or seven knots, and the dolphins in the area seek out its company.”

You can watch the video Benedikt took by clicking the link below:

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